Welcome to the International Society for Human and Animal Mycology (ISHAM) Clinical Mycology Course. This is a follow-on course to the ISHAM Diagnostic Mycology Course. At the end of this course, participants should have a good understanding of the clinical management of cryptococcal infections, invasive candidiasis, invasive mold infections, and endemic mycoses.

The course consists of 12 cases and addresses differential diagnosis, selection of therapeutics, pharmacokinetic considerations, and management of treatment failure for each pathogen. At the end of the course, there is a final examination. Participants who pass the final course exam will receive a certificate from ISHAM recognizing their participation in the course.

The course is aimed at anyone who would like to deepen their understanding of clinical mycology.

The cases in this course have been developed by four expert mycologists: Dr Martin Hoenigl, Dr Ilan S. Schwartz, Dr Matteo Bassetti, and the course chair,  Dr John R. Perfect, the President-elect of the ISHAM. We wish to thank Dr H. Ruth Ashbee, Ms Julia Tushla, Dr Lisa Tushla, and Ms Theresa Corso-Stegmiller for editorial assistance.

Table of Contents


John R. Perfect, MD

John R. Perfect, MD is James B Duke Professor of Medicine, Professor of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology and Chief of Infectious Diseases at Duke University. His general research focus for four decades has been on cryptococcosis: pathogenesis and management. He also investigates other fungal infections through basic, translational and clinical trials with a worldwide net of collaborators. He interacts as a consultant for many pharmaceutical companies in the antifungal space and holds multiple NIH grants to support his research. He has published approximately 650 papers and 7 books. He is a Fellow in the Infectious Disease Society of American, American Society of Microbiology, American Association for the Advancement of Science, and Association of American Physicians. At Duke he has been honored as University Scholar/Teacher of the year, Research Mentoring Award, and Alumni Associations Distinguished Faculty Award. He is recipient of the Maxwell Littman Award from Medical Mycology Society of New York, the Rhoda Benham Award from the Medical Mycology Society of the Americas, Lucille Georg Award from ISHAM, and the IDSA Edward H. Kass Lecturer. He has directly mentored or trained over 70 graduate students, post-docs, ID fellows or Junior Faculty at Duke. Along with his basic science research portfolio, he also teaches students and attends to patients at the bedside. He is Past-President of the Mycoses Study Group (MSG) based in USA and now President of the international Society of Human and Animal Mycology (ISHAM).

Matteo Bassetti, MD, PhD

Matteo Bassetti is Head of the Infectious Diseases Clinic of the Policlinico San Martino University Hospital in Genoa and Full Professor of Infectious Diseases of the University of Genoa, Italy. Dr Bassetti studied at the University of Genoa School of Medicine and continued his medical education at the Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, USA with an Infectious Diseases fellowship.

Dr Bassetti is Chair of the Critically Ill Study Group of the European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ESCMID), president of the Italian Society of Anti-infective Therapy (SITA) and member of executive committee for the battle against antimicrobial resistance of the Italian Minister of Health (PNCAR). He is member-elected (2018-2022) of International Council of the Immunocompromised Host Society (ICHS). From 2019 he is member of the council of International Sepsis Forum (ISF). He serves on the editorial board of several prestigious international journals. Author or co-author of 750 papers (H index 85; 30000 citations) published in international peer-review journals and several chapter’s book on antibiotic therapy, fungal infections, antimicrobial resistances, infections in immunocompromised patients and critically ill patients.


Dr Ilan S. Schwartz MD PhD FRCPC FECMM FIDSA is an Infectious Diseases physician-researcher at Duke University School of Medicine in Durham, NC. His clinical focus is in preventing and managing infections in immunocompromised hosts and his research involves emerging and endemic fungal infections. He is a co-author of multiple treatment guidelines for the endemic mycoses, including those from the European Confederation of Medical Mycology and Infectious Diseases Society of America. He serves on the board of directors of the Mycoses Study Group Education & Research Consortium and is an Associate Editor for Clinical Infectious Diseases.

Martin Hoenigl, M.D., Assoc. Prof., FECMM

Martin Hoenigl, M.D., Assoc. Prof., FECMM is an Associate Professor for Translational Mycology at the Division of Infectious Diseases, Medical University of Graz, Austria. He has obtained his venia docendi in internal medicine in 2012 and is author to over 290 pub med listed publications in the field of infectious diseases, the majority in leading authorships (i.e., first or last author; ORCiD: 0000-0002-1653-2824). Dr. Hoenigl has particular expertise in conducting research on clinical mycology, including fungal diagnostics and pharmacology of antifungal drugs and correlation with clinical findings. He is the current president of the European Confederation of Medical Mycology (ECMM), and the delegate of the Austrian Society for Medical Mycology (OEGMM). Dr. Hoenigl serves as Deputy Editor for the journal Mycopathologia,  and associate editor for Mycoses. Dr. Hoenigl has been awarded with the Researcher of the year 2011 award at the Medical University of Graz, and with the Research Promotion award 2014 of the German Speaking mycological society.

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