This section of the website contains educational resources on invasive candidiasis. These basic materials are designed to assist the range of providers who care for patients at risk for or diagnosed with this challenging invasive fungal infection.

We are excited to offer a range of tools to assist you in using these infographics:

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This section provides a series of infographics that cover the basics of invasive candidiasis (IC) management. These infographics can be viewed online, downloaded, or printed out for use in the clinic.

These materials were developed under the leadership of Meghan Lyman, MD, of the Mycotic Disease Branch of the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Peter G. Pappas, MD, Emeritus Professor, Department of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases at the University of Alabama at Birmingham; and Luis Ostrosky-Zeichner, MD, Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology and Director of the Laboratory for Mycology Research, University of Texas Health in Houston Texas.

Infographic 1: Know About the Impact of Invasive Candidiasis

A basic primer about the forms of invasive candidiasis, epidemiology, and emerging resistance patterns, particularly for C auris and C glabrata

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Infographic 2: Think  About Who is at Risk for Invasive Candidiasis

A visual checklist to assist in identifying invasive candidiasis risk factors in your patients

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Infographic 3: Diagnose Invasive Candidiasis

A walk through the diagnostic process for invasive candidiasis, with an emphasis on interpreting the results. This infographic emphasizes the importance of early treatment, speciation, and antifungal susceptibility testing for achieving optimal outcomes.

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Infographic 4: Treat Invasive Candidiasis

Specific review of the types of treatment for invasive candidiasis as well as first-line treatment options, with a discussion of why echinocandins are the go-to agents for most cases of invasive candidiasis

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Infographic 5: Optimize Treatment for Invasive Candidiasis

Discussion of what to do after first-line therapy as well as commentary on additional management strategies for invasive candidiasis, including dilated funduscopic examination, central venous catheter removal, infectious diseases consults, echocardiograms, and management bundles

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Infographic 6: Prevent Invasive Candidiasis

Overview of infection prevention procedures, including CLABSI bundles, CHG baths, CVC removal, and primary prevention. Specific guidance for C auris prevention is discussed, including recommendations for cleaning, screening healthcare contacts, isolation procedures, inter-facility communication, and hand hygiene.

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